how to apply discount on Line item or on product by using api without create any discount code.

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I am trying to apply discount on product or line item by using graph ql.
I created discount code for a product and applied on checkout page, it's give me discount ,but when i add second discounted product discount is not apply ,i can able to apply only 1 discount.
please help me ,how can i apply discount on multiple products at a same time.  

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Hi @namrata016, if you've created two separate discount codes and you're still not seeing them apply together, you may want to check each code's "applies with" setting through the GraphQL Admin API. In order for per-product discount codes to be able to apply together at the same time, they do need to be enabled to "combine" with each other. 

Let us know if we can clarify anything further on our end - hope this helps! 

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