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How to get the UTM parameters associated with the order through rest admin API

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Hello, community developers.

I have been searching for rest admin API document for a long time, but I haven't found the appropriate interface to get the UTM parameters associated with the order.

How to get the UTM parameters associated with the order through rest admin API?


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Hey @謝紹壯,

The UTM parameters you see in the admin are part of the Order.customerJourney connection, which is currently only exposed through the GraphQL API. Using REST the referring_site field will usually contain the UTM params as well, but the most reliable way to get this info is through the GraphQL object.

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@_JB Any plans to make this available in the REST Order API (or through another REST endpoint) in the future?

In most cases, parsing the query parameters from the `landing_site` field works fine for our customers but would certainly be nice to be able to retrieve those additional Session Details data.

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Hitting a snag where I see the utm params in the shopify admin but not seeing them over the graphql api. Also the connection is called customerJourneySummary not customerJourney, not sure if maybe there have been changes to the API since this last post.

Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 11.48.57 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 11.49.37 AM.png


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Hi JB,


Are UTM parameters exposed through REST API now? We are using REST API to fetch order details but no UTM parameters included. So I'm trying to figure out if we are doing something wrong or Shopify does not allow REST API to get UTM parameters.


Thank you for your reply.



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Aparentemente ainda não está disponível na REST API, infelizmente.

Também procuro solução para isso.