how to update or delete the order risk?

how to update or delete the order risk?

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Hi,please help! I am trying to delete the order risk, and using postman for deleting of it followed by calling admin api "PUT /admin/api/2021-07/orders/450789469/risks/284138680.json",and "DELETE /admin/api/2021-07/orders/{order_id}/risks/{risk_id}.json ", but it always prompts 401 unauthorized,the GET api status is 200 ok and get data successfully, the order is placed on webpage not another app. i don’t know how to update the order risk by calling the admin api with which application,please help me,any help would be great thanks!

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Hello @Mira_Torres ,

Only an app that created an order (aka a sales channel app) can add or delete an order risk. Because of this, if your order was created by the Online Store sales channel, only the Online Store sales channel could process the call necessary to delete the order risk object. A private app would not be able to delete an order risk on its own.


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