How to use login api for customers

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We are creating a mobile app using an ionic platform to connect to the Shopify store. Till now we were able to get products and collections through Shopify Rest Admin API reference using Laravel as middleware between Shopify.

But I am having some problems:


  • Is Larave a good choice as a middleware? I used it because when I connected the Ionic app directly with Shopify I had CORS Policy Error
  • To let my Shopify users login to the app  I need to use email and password but in the return data from the get customer’s API, there is no field for the password. I can create a user account with a password through the online store that is provided by Shopify but I don't know where this password is saved. Where can I find this password? And if I used the API how is the data sent in the body?
  • Also, I need to add to the cart feature but as it is mentioned in the Shopify documentation that it is supported by Ajax API, not Admin API but the Ajax API can’t be used to read any customer or order data or update any store data. Is there any way that is supported by Shopify to create the add to cart feature?
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Hi there @RazaneYassine!

I just wanted to let you know I have moved your query here to the dedicated API forum section of our Community.

As we're not able to provide this level of support directly ourselves, we recommend sharing API queries here instead.

These threads are monitored and responded to by our developers and Partners, so it's your best bet for getting API-level support here.

Hopefully, you'll get some feedback from your Community before too long.

All the best!




Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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