I have 1K sessions but 0 conversions

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I spent lot of money on ads already i was able to get 1000 sessions in 7 days but no one buys or even add to cart i would be grateful for some help 



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Hello Alluneed1,

It feels bad to see you are spending money but getting no results. It's important to have everything optimized rather spending on ads.

Few things you should consider:

1. professional Email that will create trust on clients.

2. Organize your footer section with valuable information like privacy policy, shipping and refund, return policy.

3. mention the warranty service as you're selling electric products.

4. increase social media platforms.

5. optimize your ads with keyword research nd target audience

6. Do content marketing like meems, videos infographic etc.

7. analyze your users with analytics tools like google analytics 4, Microsoft clarity, hotjar etc.

If you have further queries feel free to ask. i would be happy to share my experience on growth sales.


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thank you very much i will try to do my best


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i will highly recommend you to use Google SEO.

you can hire any one online. social media advertisement or ads are not so good as compare to SEO.