I need help for the Modification of my Website

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Hello! First i'm french so i hope you will understand my english and my request, and i hope that i'm the right place 😄 


So i'm opening a website and my products will always be sold by at least two (for 2/3 of my collections) because they're sold as a "pack", for example to make you understand more let's say i sell a short with a t shirt with the same design so i don't wan't to sell just a short or just a T shirt but the two as an "outfit" and i would like to find a way to create the opportunity for the customer to select both products with the variations of Color/size on the same product page. and for the last collection i want to add a third product in the "pack" let's say a "hat" but i would like that the customer can also click on a "+" button to add as many "hats" as he wants (imagine those "hats" are the same product but with a different design so i don't want just the possibility to add "the same hats" but to add "hats" which are the same product but to add another "hat" (fourth product, fifth product etc...) with a possibility for the customer to modify the variations (sizes, colors)



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