I wanna build a analytics app, here my doubts are related to how to export all order data .

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I'm planning to build a analytics app, here my doubts are since we don't have direct API which will return revenue, shipping ,tax paid and all. I need to export all order data and process them right, even though shopify provide us api to fetch orders with 250 limit, since it has the limit we will have to use the cursor to get all order data, so if there are millions of data it will take time, so can anyone help me with retrieving the whole order data to do the necessary calculations to to provide revenue, tax paid and each months products report.  

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Actually you have to use GRAPHQL. it will give you more orders then 250.

but not so many like millions.


i will highly recommend you to write an BASH script and run it. automatically it will download all data.

if you need help then inform me i will make a script for you which will download all orders. but it will be little bit slow.