Implement deposit feature for my app

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Hello there,


I need to implement the deposit feature for my app.


Example: A client buy a 1000$ service with a 20% deposit, he will pay 200$ upfront and then later 800$ (manually triggered)


I saw two possibilities:


- Use the deferred purchase options ( that seems to be the more native way to achieve this

- Create a draft order with a 200$ total and manage another order later with the 800$ to pay


What would be the best option ?


Thanks a lot

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Hi Marcreese,


You can for sure use either of the two methods you have mentioned but choosing between them would depend on your specific requirements and the user experience you want to offer.


Using deferred purchase options is a more integrated solution within the Shopify platform. It allows you to set a deposit amount at the time of purchase and then automatically charge the remaining balance at a later date. This provides an uninterupted experience for the customer as they don't have to manually make the second payment. However, this option requires the use of specific payment gateways, such as Shopify Payments or PayPal Express.


Creating a draft order for the deposit and then a second order for the remaining balance provides more flexibility in terms of payment methods and can be used with any payment gateway. However, this method requires the customer to manually make the second payment, which could potentially lead to missed payments or issues with order/payment management.


Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Thanks a lot Liam 🙏