Ios App creation to meet Apple App Store guidelines (5.1.1(v))

Ios App creation to meet Apple App Store guidelines (5.1.1(v))

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I'm writing to you today seeking guidance on implementing an account deletion feature in my Shopify store. This is required to meet Apple App Store guidelines (5.1.1(v)) for app registration, as my app interacts with customer accounts created in the Shopify ecosystem.

Currently, my app allows customers to create accounts, but it lacks a dedicated option for removing those accounts and associated data. I understand the importance of user data control and am committed to providing a clear and easy-to-use deletion process.


Here's where I need your assistance:


Technical Guidance: How can I best implement an account deletion function within my Shopify store? Ideally, I'd like a seamless workflow within the user interface, but am open to exploring other options that comply with Apple's requirements.
Best Practices: Do you have any recommendations for designing a user-friendly and secure account deletion process? For example, confirmation steps, handling associated data, and legal considerations for specific data types.
Apple Specifics: Are there any additional guidelines or nuances to consider from Apple's perspective, given the integration with my app? Knowing this would help me ensure a smooth app review process.
I've reviewed Shopify's resources on customer accounts, but appreciate any specific guidance you can offer in implementing this feature within the context of Apple's requirements.


I'm eager to address this promptly and ensure both Apple Store compliance and a positive user experience. Your support in navigating this process would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and valuable expertise.

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Hi Solindo,


You can use Shopify's Admin API to manage customer accounts and data - specifically, the Customer resource allows you to delete customer accounts. In your case you might want to implement a workflow into your apps UI that would have a deletion option within the user's account settings in your app, that initiates the deletion process.


Some good practices could be to implement a two-step verification process to prevent accidental deletions or ask for the user's password as an additional verification step. You should also clearly inform users what data will be deleted (e.g., order history, personal information).


Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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