Issue In Fetching All the Orders For a Customer with admin/api/2021-10/customers/{customer_id}/order

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I am trying to fetch all the orders of a particular customer by using admin/api/2021-10/customers/{customer_id}/orders.json API. I have noticed that for some of the customers it is giving empty list in responses ({"orders": []}). The customer ids that I am using are valid and the customers have placed orders as well (admin/api/2021-07/customers/{customer_id}.json API is giving ids of previous orders made by these customers). This is happening for about half of the customers while for others I am getting correct responses.

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Hello @miteshparmar13 ,


If you are still experiencing this issue, can you pass me an x-request-id from your last api interaction? I can take a look to see what might be happening here

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