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I am trying to create an order in Shopify using the Create Order module in (formerly Integromat). But I keep getting an error "Validation failed for 1 parameter(s). Missing value of required parameter 'price'."

But the module does not have a "price" field in it. So which parameter is missing?Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 12.45.17.png


Below you can see most of the fields available in the module

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 12.47.05.png


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Hello Dan,


I'm also looking for setting a automation to create orders in Shopify. Could you share more details about the beginning of your automation ? (Setting multiple variables and aggregating them). 


It would be of great help 🙂


Thank you very much in advance !





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HI.  I'm not entirely sure which part of my automation you want further explanation of.  I do have a scenario watching Shopify orders that I capture the data fields from right at the start which means that if the trigger module changes in anyway or if I change the entire module I can just remap the trigger data fields into just the capturing module and then the entire (large) scenario receives the remapped data fields.  This is a much better alternative to directly mapping the trigger module into all of the many modules throughout the scenario and then if a change happens then the new data fields will need to be updated in many modules in the scenario.

This may not be what you were driving at though.


The attached screenshots show this approach.  In this case it was done with a create JSON module and a parse JSON module because I needed the JSON string elsewhere anyway but the approach is more or less the same as using a set multiple variables module which I normally do (and I call that module GLOBALS).

Order Router Consumer  Fulfilment  Ernest (DEV)  Make  2024-05-25 21-32.pngOrder Router Consumer  Fulfilment  Ernest (DEV)  Make  2024-05-25 21-33 3.png

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Hey @dan125


Thanks for sharing that. 


It's a bit hard to diagnose as it's not clear specifically which API's Make is using for the create order function. I'm assuming you're creating a draft order based on the error and some of the values in your screenshots. With draft orders, the price field is only required on custom line items. 


My guess here is that the variant ID is not being properly passed in the the mutation, resulting in the line items being considered custom line items with the price needing to be declared. 


Here's an example in our REST documents here: 

Hope that helps in troubleshooting. If you have more insight in to the specific Shopify API's being used, I'm happy to dig in further. 


- Kyle G.

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