MarketingEvent data is null for bulk Graphql query

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Hi there,


I have troubles accessing `marketingEvent` field of Order's data using Bulk GraphQl query. But regular non-bulk query works perfectly at the same time.




  orders(first: 100) {
    edges {
      node {
        customerJourneySummary {
          lastVisit {
            marketingEvent {




The result looks following








Please, provide any details, solutions for the issue. Is it a known issue?

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Hey @Lafroaig 


Are you able to DM me store details so I can investigate?

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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Hi @SBD_ @Lafroaig 
I came across your post while searching for a solution to a similar issue we're having with Order CustomerJourney data. Could be related?

I have posted this here: 

I can share the list of effected stores we have, and the test data we have collected also.

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Also facing the same issue regarding customerJourney data coming null, have you resolved the issue?