Order API Discount Codes No Longer Applies To The Order Total

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Hey There,

   We've been using the Order API for years and the discount_codes and total_discounts fields have always applied to the order total.  We had a merchant reach out to us today as they noticed that both of these values are no longer applying to the order but to the line item price.  The documentation for discount_codes says that this attribute is applied to the order total and not the line item price which is doesn't seem to be the case anymore.  The documentation on the REST Order API has an example of how to create an order and apply a discount and this also shows the discount being applied to the order, which it is no longer doing.  I was able to verify this on our test store as well.

  I was wondering if someone on the Shopify team might be able to help us out here.  The merchant would like to apply the discount value to the order total so the line item price still shows the actual price of the item they are selling.  This is how the discounts on the Order API have always worked and there is no updates on the change logs referencing the change.  If this is indeed a new update, is there a way to apply a discount to the Order itself as the docs do not reference this.

As always, thanks for your help!

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