Order app_id and source_name meanings

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I am trying to piece together the meaning of the app_id and source_name fields found on the Order webhook.

While researching a customer that has my app installed, I came across an app_id from an order, that isn't found in the installed app list. 

I am looking into the devtools network tab for the request: https://admin.shopify.com/api/shopify/shop-name?operation=AppsAndChannelsQuery&type=query and here I am able to see the app_ids of the installed applications.


What I know so far:

- source_name can be one of :

  • web
  • pos
  • shopify_draft_order
  • iphone
  • android
  • subscription_contract
  • app_id that created the order
  • a channel registered by the app here

- app_id:

  • the ID of the app that created the order


My problem is I am not able to confirm this behaviour, since I am consistently seeing orders having source_name as the app_id present in the AppsAndChannelsQuery, while the actual app_id is not.


Can anyone clarify the behaviour of these two fields, especially when there can be multiple apps handling orders present?

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+1, we have the same question.

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