Order Creation API Question

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We are trying to create orders through the order API and are able to do so but they are not fulfilling through the ticket app we use to send the customer a ticket that is associated with this SKU. It works when we use another app to submit the same payload below but not when we submit it. What are we missing or messing up in the payload to have it work but not trigger the product/ticket fulfillment?
"payload": JSON.stringify({"order":{"name":"test","command":"NEW","send_receipt":true,"line_items":[{"SKU":123456,"quantity":1,"price":12.34,"name":"Some Item","title":"Some Item","total_discount":12.34,"product_handle":"some-item","variant_title":"Some Item","Total":12.34,"Vendor":"Some Store","Requires_Shipping":false,"Type":"Line Item","Fulfillable_Quantity":1,"Fulfillment_Service":"Automatic"}],"customer":{"first_name":"John","last_name":"Doe","email":"john@doe.com"},"payment":{"Status":"Paid"}}})
Thank you for your assistance.
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