Order fulfillment API issue

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Hi ,

 we are facing issues while fulfilling the order through Shopify Order Fulfilment API.


below was endpoint and Payload that was used before to fulfill the online order:



{"fulfillment": {"location_id":6566655,"tracking_number":"12345" ,"tracking_urls": [],"notify_customer"true }}
as per the new documentation provided we have changed the endpoint as payload as below for the fulfilment updated, however even after updating it we are getting error "Not Found".


Appreciate immediate help on this matter as we have integrations with POS Solutions.
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Hi there 👋

If you are able to share an x-request-id of a failing request I may be able to look a bit further into this. 

One thing you will want to double check though is in the new API call you need to provide the fulfillment_order_id not the order id. In the example requests you have provided you are using the order id in the required fulfillment order id field

Check out this documentation for getting the fulfillment orders for an order.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.