Order Rest API issue in financial_status parameter

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I am using shopify order API to create one report.
for that i go through documentation of order api and create url as per instruction.


I want all orders list of data but by setting financial_status=any in url its only giving data of financial_status=paid. Not giving data of partially_refunded , refunded or others.

Please guide.

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Hey @Kush_Mehta ,


Through testing on my end I can verify that the financial_status parameter of the Admin Order API is still working as expected - using the query string parameter of "financial_status=any" will still return Orders of all types of financial statuses (paid, refunded, partially_refunded, etc.)


Could you please provide the value of the X-Request-ID header from the API Response of your request? With this information I can go through the platform logs on our end and determine why exactly you might not be seeing all types of financial statuses being returned.

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