Order status page for customers

Order status page for customers

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Hello! I know Shopify has changed a lot for customization. Wondering what the best way to add an order status page to Shopify. Would using an app be easier or is there a built in app into Shopify that customers can put an order number in and track it themselves? Ideally this order tracking system is keeping up with orders behind the scenes and there is no manual input,


something like this is what I’m looking for 




thanks in advance 

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Shopify already provides Order Status Pages for each completed order. If there is a tracking link then this is added to the Order Status page too





What I see in the link you shared is a Tracking page. I guess many tracking apps will be able to install a Tracking page on your site, you can also ask any of them:




Somehow related, the app in my signature replaces the account page with a more complete account widget with an Order History section, among other tools. Each order in the Order History panel includes its Order Status link.


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