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Payouts REST or GraphQL API

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I was referring to the docs for the Payouts REST API and I can see that it returns a field for the date on which the payout was issued. So I want to check whether or not we can capture the updates using the REST or the GraphQL API for the Payouts. We can query the APIs using the date field using the date_min and date_max parameters but that date is for the date on which the Payout was issued there must be a date or time in which the Payout moves to another status. Do we have any field to represent that.

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Hi there 👋

You are correct right now there is not a webhook topic that you can subscribe to to get updates when a payout changes status. At this time you will need to poll the resource checking for status updates.

I have documented this request for a way to listen for status updates for the product team.

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