Possibility to manually trigger "new purchase" notifications to staff via custom tag

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we are currently finalizing an app and would like to add a functionality that manually triggers the notifications for new orders (via email and mobile app) to staff members. Now, while blocking the notifications for specific orders is probably not possible, I was thinking that when you deactivate them for the staff accounts it may be possible to trigger these notifications based on order tags? I didn't find anything in the docs or on git, so I was wondering if someone here does know more about it or has an idea? Any help is well appreciated.

Let me still give you the story behind it:

Some people automate their stores to the extent that specific orders like subscriptions for the use of software do not have to be fulfilled anymore when their subscription renews - but they maybe require a setup on the initial order. So if these store owners receive an initial order we want them to get a notification that a new purchase was made but not for any renewals. Initial orders and recurring ones (subscriptions) are divided by custom tags to identify them (which we would like to use for the notifications).

Looking forward to any reply, thank you. 🙂



Looking forward to any reply, thanks. 🙂

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