Potential Bug Report: FulfillmentOrder

Potential Bug Report: FulfillmentOrder

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Issue Description: I encountered a problem related to FulfillmentOrder while using my app to fulfill customer orders. The issue is detailed below:

A specific order was fulfilled by a third-party service, which provided the following order information:

Order ID Carrier Company Shipment No URL SKU Quantity

#xxxxxChina Postxxxxxxxhttps://www.xxxxx.com/track/xxxxxxxxtsukitn-summeritaly2

I used the fulfillmentCreateV2 API to process this information.


Problem: To complete the fulfillment, I need a fulfillmentOrderId, which I attempted to retrieve through the order's submessage FulfillmentOrders. However, there was only one fulfillment order, and its SKU was listed as "tsukitravel-summeritaly," which is entirely different from the provided SKU "tsukitn-summeritaly."

It appears that the product information was edited previously, but the corresponding SKU in FulfillmentOrders still shows the old value.


Question: Is this discrepancy a normal occurrence? How should I address this situation to ensure that the SKU information is consistent and accurate?

Please review and address this potential bug at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


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