Problem with Draft Order API adding VAT Exempt

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I have commented on this thread: and Elias told me to create a topic here.

Problem: Can't create a draft order and add a Customer with VAT exemption. The total price always show wrong

I think this is a core bug of Shopify Platform


1. Customers login (this customer is tax-exempt)
2. Add to cart
3. Checkout with Draft Order. Tax is not exempt (although we checked the return API, Shopify set True on Tax Exempt)



- Product is set "charge tax"

- Customer is tax-exempt

- Tax country rate is set

- Tax config: All products include tax

This case is very important to B2B Customers. We use this solution to create custom prices for specific customers and make tax-exempt for them
Shopify checkout default order works well, the problem happens with Draft Order


See my video attachment for more information

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