Re: product_exists in shopify order on api rest

product_exists in shopify order on api rest

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Hello, hello everyone, due to several chats with the Shopify support team, they recommended us to publish our error that we currently have with this problem to receive feedback on this, I proceed to explain the current problem.

Testing in our system that we implemented an integration with Api Rest with shopify we noticed the following, when deleting a product from the store and reviewing the order again in the admin section in shopify the product that does not exist is correctly displayed , but when consulting the rest api it tells us that the product exists.

In this image we can see that the products mark as they should appear that do not exist.

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-25 100547.png

But in the rest api we receive that the product exists, it tells us that it is true and shows the id.

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-25 100915.png

days after this we reviewed the rest api in the order again and the product is already marked as fake and without the id.


This is not all, while carrying out the tests we also noticed the following: if we delete both products, they appear in the order as they should appear, as a deleted product.


But when we review the rest api of the order it appears that both products exist and it shows us the id and the value as true.


In addition to this, if we delete the first product and then the second according to the order that Shopify places in it even though both show that they do not exist in the store.


If we consult the rest api of the order again, it appears that the first one appears as it should, as false and without an id.


but the second one marks it as true and with its id.


Also if we do the reverse the same error happens, if we delete the product at the end it appears as if both existed, I missed taking the screenshot of the latter.

Additional data.
We confirm that the products are not displayed in the store.
The version of the api we currently have is 2023-07.
We have the related permissions of the orders enabled.


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Hi Jpena,


If you make a similar query, but use the GraphQL API instead (for example by using the GraphiQL app) are you seeing that the products exist still?

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Hello, thank you for responding, we carried out some tests as you mentioned but the property continues to show the same, but we noticed something, this does not happen with version 2024-01 but for the previous ones this error occurs, I don't know if something similar has happened to you, anyway We already reported it to shopify.