Pulling my hair out with Webhooks!

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We are having an issue where some webhooks are being created and others are returning a 422 error:

The below are working:





These are not:







This works:
{"webhook":{"format":"json","topic":"/orders/create","address":"https://blazemediaaws.co.uk/createshoporder" }}
This doesn't:
{"webhook":{"format":"json","topic":"/carts/update","address":"https://blazemediaaws.co.uk/updateshopcart" }}
practically identical sets, except for topic and address, but the address can be anything, so that just leaves the topic/trigger


Any ideas guys?


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Hi @Blaze-Team 👋


I'd recommend reviewing the event topic list here, some of your topics appear to be incorrectly formatted. They should not start with `/` and `/orders/update` should be `orders/updated` (with the d) instead.


Hope that helps!


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