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Hi - we're building a headless storefront for both retail and wholesale, and trying to better understand quantity price breaks.  Specifically, it looks like there is a mutation for quantityPricingByVariantUpdate that has several required inputs for price breaks and rules.  There is also an object QuantityPriceBreak - which looks like it can be attached directly to a variant - however it doesn't seem possible to just create a standalone price break for a variant.  So, if we want to use price breaks for variants in our retail/b2c storefront, do we need to impelment the b2b primitives (catalogs, pricelists, etc) and treat those customers the same way?  Essentially, we are just trying to understand the best or possible way to accomplish this.  It seems like we could create a "retail" catalog with prices lists, a customer and location, etc. - but would like to better understand the structures before making that decision.


Thanks in advance for any insight!

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Hey @Dlapointeus


That's a great question. The quantity breaks are specific to B2B catalogs, so everything will need to be set up within that context. 


Here's our documentation on these features. The API's you've mentioned would mirror the admin functionality https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/b2b/catalogs/quantity-pricing 


For your B2C storefront, there are also many apps that can help simplify this for you. https://apps.shopify.com/search?q=price+breaks&st_source=&programs%5B%5D=built_for_shopify 


Hope that helps, 


- Kyle G. 

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