Remove line item from order without refunding?

Remove line item from order without refunding?

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Is there a way to remove a line item from an order without refunding? - this article seems to suggest you can, but I don't see any API documentation on it.

Seems possible to remove line item in admin, but it forces you to refund.

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You can remove a product through the order edit API by sending quantity: 0 for that line item. Unfortunately, at this time this will trigger a refund. I will bring this up as feedback for the team though. 


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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we need this function as we always have a lot of changes to custom orders. 

Now it's showing non-existent refunds on the dashboards.

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Hi Vix,

Do you know if adding this sort of functionality is on the radar for the team in the near future?

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Would love to see this improved! Also the docs are super confusing right now, at least in the short term those maybe should be updated. They list on edit order api docs a features to 'Remove Line Item' however there is no info on that, only info on removing the line item discount. Maybe removing the remove line item reference or at least specifying the method is just setting qty to zero would reduce confusion. Thanks! 🙂 


Long term though would love better remove line item handling, we want to do an exchange in our case which is not easily doable with the auto refund. Thanks!

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We need this functionality, is there any plan for it?