RESTful Orders API not setting shipping address

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API version 2019-04

Input to the API includes a customer_id and some order details but NO shipping address (just like in the api reference examples provided by shopify in the documentation)


The result, until mid last month (July, 2019), was an order's shipping address was automatically being set to the customer's default address.


Around the time the new API version 2019-07 was released, the order shipping address is no longer being set.


Seems like a breaking change happened -- Can this be reverted to its original functionality? 


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Hi @jeshuad,


I'm not seeing anything in the code path for order creation calls that would suggest the shipping address could be set as the customer's default address if a customer_id is present. Do you have more details to suggest this was the case? The raw request that used to cause this behaviour? A sample order id where this happened?


If there was a breaking change to the API, it absolutely should have been tied to a version to give a proper deprecation period.


In general, I'd recommend explicitly including the fields you want to be included in the order.



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