Retrieve Carrier Calculated Rate from Combined Shipping cost from Order Api

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I am working on Carrier calculated shipping service app for Shopify store,

When i add products to cart which are offered by third party app and other vendors, it combines lowest rates from "list of live carrier rates" and default "shopify shipping profile". (that is understandable)

The issue is, when order is placed, Shopify only adds combined rate in "shipping_lines" in order API,

How can i get shipping rates offered by my live carrier app from order API? (not combined rate)

It is important for us to charge correct shipping fees to shopify store owner

I have also checked Checkout "Create" and "Update" webhooks, it is also providing "combined" rates instead of individual shipping rates


Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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+1 looking for a solve too

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+1 Here - Combined rates are killing our business. Shopify suggestions flat out don't work.