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Hi there,

Shopify has a "return reason" field when returning items on Shopify web (screenshot below)



However, I do not think this data is made available anywhere in the API. I verified by trying to get to the API details but only the "refund note" seems to be available.

I think this is because the POS does not have this drop-down feature when returning (also see -

Many merchants use this feature regularly and there doesn't seem to be any place where it can be aggregated and analyzed on.

Can this data be made available as a part of the order API?

Thank you for looking into this. Really appreciate it! 🙂


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+1 Just posted this same question on another thread before arriving at this post. Would be hugely beneficial if we could access return reasons at the line item level within the API. Also had a call with a Shopify rep who may have an answer for all of us. Will share once available.



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We are also in need of the ability to include the line-item level reason for a return. Please let us know how that could be included in the refunds.json data.

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We also need this data in the API or available to be analyzed within Shopify. Right now, we're collecting data that we can't do anything with. Please and thank you!