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Server External ID Not Matching to Pixel External ID

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Hello. After running facebook ad campaign, I got great data on the first day. But every next day, all metrics became several times worse. I had to turn it off, but then I saw this errors in my Event manager

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Each event received such an error. I see a lot of people who faced this problem but no solution was found (or was not written).

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Before integrating pixel with Shopify, all toggle switches were enabled, but for some reason, immediately after integration, almost all of them are disabled. Accordingly, Facebook does not receive much data about site visitors and the buyers for further matching and improving advertising performance.

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Does anyone know a solution to this problem and could it have greatly affected the ad campaign?

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I just got reply from FB support team. 


"Thank you for reaching out to let us know about the problem you are having with Pixel.

Please explain the client that this error is about Deduplication, If you connect website activity using both the Pixel and Conversions API, we may receive the same events from the browser and the server. If we know that the events are the same and therefore redundant, we can keep one and discard the rest. Here , I can see that in the client account all the events are shared between browser and server.

About the error, Client is sending the parameters for PageView event and View content event from the server, but not sending the same parameter for these events from the pixel code. In order to solve this issues client or the clients web developer should add 2 event parameters that help us determine if the events are the same: the event name (for example, Page view or View content) and the event ID.This helps the pixel for deduplication issue."