Shopify Api Create Gift Cards

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Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is a possibility to create giftcards like on the API Shopify :
Without having to switch to Shopify plus ?

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It works on stores without Shopify Plus. You can even log your own network(Dev tools) when manually creating a gift card and you can just import that code to your code and it'll even work if your store somehow doesn't allow it yet from custom apps etc.


If manually grabbing api link it should be the same as their docs


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Do you know if this still works? I've attempted and gotten an error message back.

"message": "Access denied for giftCardCreate field. Required access: `write_gift_cards` access scope. Also: The API client must be a private or custom app installed on a Shopify Plus or Shopify Plus Partner Sandbox store.",

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I'm new to API! Does anyone happen to have step by step instructions on how to process bulk GCs? I know how to set up a regular GC in shopify+, just can't seem to figure out a bulk creation.