Shopify API - Separate order amount across multiple payment gateways (e.g. Gift Card & Credit Card)

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I am currently using Stich ( to automatically bring in Shopify data into a database. Because of this, there's not much I can customize...but from what I can see in the generated tables, if a customer used multiple payment types (e.g. part gift card, part credit card), there's no way to see how much the customer paid with each of the different payment types. 

For example, when I look at one particular order where the customer paid partially with a gift card, the payement_gateway_names table does list gift_card, but in the order tables, the order is only shown as one row with the full order amount being paid by credit card.

Any help in finding a way to separate the order amount and attribute by the different payment methods?

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Did you ever find a solution to this ? I’m currently running into this exact scenario..