Stocky API for Purchase orders

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I've found the following documentation on the Stocky API as i'm trying to pull purchase orders out of shopify. However it's not clear where i can find an API Key, is it the same as the Admin API for shopify.

Has anyone successfully connected to the Stocky API and can provide some advice/tips?


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Have you had any luck with this??

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We were able to connect by contacting shopify support. They have to enable the option in stocky preferences. Once that is done, the api key will be shown under stocky preferences -> API Access. It is not the same key used for the shopify api.

Unfortunately the stocky purchase order api seems to be missing some fields like ship date. There is updated documentation here: 

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This issue is resolved. You can install the Stocky app from Shopify. Then, open the app and go to Preferences, and generate the API key.


The main concern is I can see that what purchase orders I created in Shopify, are not visible in the Stocky app. Stocky is giving their option for Purchase orders. Also, we can only retrieve the Stocky app's Purchase orders via Stocky API. 

I am not sure if this is a feasible workaround for a Purchase Order or not.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.