Sync our stock with our ERP is having issues

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We recently migrated our ERP to Odoo. A connector exists (one made by Emipro) in order to create a bridge between Odoo and Shopify for the correct transmission of informations via API.

We have a blocking point, when the stock synchronizes (every hour) some items are not modified. After investigation, we notice that this could be due to the fact that we are sending too much informations (about 28000 lines of stock) and that some lines may not be uploaded.

API call exceed 2 per second ? Maybe, but nothing tell us that.

In the near future we will be increasing our items and this problem will become more and more recurrent.
How can we solve this problem?
Thank you,
Maxime Hacourt

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Can you explain me what you would like to do ?


I need only informations at the moment.


Here is my mail :


Thanks a lot.