Unable to change the "All orders" permission on a Private APP

Unable to change the "All orders" permission on a Private APP

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Hello, I'm developing an application to automate some repetitive tasks of managing the store of the company where I work.

One of the tasks I need to automate is to be able to quickly get by my Private APP the name and email of all customers who have purchased a certain product variant in a predefined time frame, so that after that, I can create a discount coupon and send an email for those specific customers can use our discount coupon to purchase a new specific product.

Until what I could learn about the Shopify API, by default, only data from the last 60 days can be obtained and to break this limitation, the "All Orders - Read Access" permission is required.

In order for this functionality to be implemented in our management system and since I need to access data from any time in the past, I need to change my Private APP's permission to "All Orders - Read Access", however this option is not available to me and only the "No access" option is shown as only one of the possible choices on my Private APP:

Captura de Tela 2020-07-06 às 12.30.17.png

What should I do to have the "All Orders - Read Access" option available for me to choose?

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Hi @luzfcb 

For private apps, this scope is enabled by defalut. The no_access you are seeing is rendering as part of a UX problem that we are aware of. You should have no trouble accessing the orders > 60 days old. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.