Undocumented wallets/checkouts api

Undocumented wallets/checkouts api

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I'm working on a feature that does the following: User enters a code in the cart, external api called, in return I get discount balance, I apply it as a giftcard/discount to the cart. I can't find an easy way to do that.

I was making a research and found out that some apps are using wallets/checkouts Ajax api to attach gift cards and discounts to checkout from the cart... But this route is undocumented completely, I can find any info. 

My current idea is using AWS lambda to create a gift card and then wallets/checkouts could be cool way to use this card right away.  This way I won't need to build an app or anyhow customise checkout.

Any suggestions and advice are appreciated!

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Makstrrr did you get any responses off of this forum, or discover documentation? I'm also looking.