Updating Store Quantities Through a BSI/API Connection

Updating Store Quantities Through a BSI/API Connection

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We do not have a developer within our company and we are looking for assistance from Shopify or a Shopify Partner on how to implement a more integrated process for updating our Shopify store inventories from our Business System software. Our business software is called CDK Heavy Equipment (Intellidealer) which the only options they have to access the inventory quantities is through a BSI connection. Here are some notes from the CDK integration support team on what other dealers do to build an integration (I have the detailed CDK specification files I can send if needed):

  • So, typically when dealers are looking to do an eCommerce integration with a third party, BSI has been the tool that they’ve used. I know of a number of dealers who use BSI for eCommerce purposes and even some manufacturers are using it. The two services that typically are used are the Parts Availability/Pricing service. I’ve attached some detailed specs on those two services, with postman collections and PDF specifications. Oftentimes the third party (Shopify in your case) isn’t going to dedicate resources to consuming our API directly, so the dealer will have developers on staff or hire a contractor to build some middleware that translates the third party requests/responses into the BSI requests/responses. Here’s some general workflows that we’ve seen dealers do:
    • eCommerce Site (Part lookup) > Part Lookup API request >Dealer middleware > BSI Parts Availability request > CDK Business Software


I believe where we need assistance is in the comment I highlighted above to introduce some type of “middleware” between Shopify and our BSI connection to CDK. Does Shopify have technical developer teams that assist Shopify Store owners like ourselves to accomplish this? Or does Shopify have a recommended “middleware” partner that could implement this for us? One “middleware” vendor we noticed on Shopify was called StockSync and wondered if that is the tool to accomplish this.

Hoping Shopify can provide us some guidance to make our process more efficient and better customer experience.

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Seek out consults from the experts directory to crystalize your requirements and understanding of shopify



Though more than likely given the uncertainty in the post you should also immediately do discovery to spec out the project either with a shopify expert or an expert on the systems your already using who is capable of making middleware.


@MMDCH wrote:

I believe where we need assistance.... Does Shopify have technical developer teams that assist Shopify Store owners like ourselves to accomplish this?

No. Shopify has an experts & partners ecosystem of third parties for merchant to develop specific needs.

Shopify is very much a cloud platform in that it provides the resources(admin,api,checkout,etc) but you still have to provide the know how.

This is like needing a city to finish a  retail stores interior plumbing. In this analogy Shopify is just providing the last mile roads,plumbing, electrical etc. your responsible for your localized specific needs. 


Unless of course you are on an enterprise Shopify Plus plan with a dedicated Merchant Success Manager there is very little guidance shopify can or will provide for such an overly broad topic to fufill one businesses specific need. If you have an MSM you should connect with them for PLUS developer recommendations.



One “middleware” vendor we noticed on Shopify was called StockSync and wondered if that is the tool to accomplish this.

The best way to know is to reach out to that vendor directly for your specific use case, some apps will integrate with other ERP system or have it's own API that may facilitate simpler middleware.

There's also double checking if any of your BSS integrates with low code services like zapier or integromat, or other middleware services which could simplify the whole thing as they tend to either have an app for shopify or can facilitate building processes.


Barring that you would need to provide clearer technical detail about what's needed. 

For example if theres REST apis involved, or SOAP, or CSV or FTP file servers, etc.


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Thank-you @PaulNewton !  I will proceed to look into the Shopify Experts section you provided and try consult with the experts there.