Why are REST landing_site and GraphQL CustomerVisit landingPage different? (referral attribution)

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I'm having trouble reconciling REST API's "landing_site" and GraphQL customerJourneySummary > lastVisit > landingPage.   I'm finding that they are different for the same order, where I would expect them to be the same.


REST landing_site:  https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-rest/2023-07/resources/order#resource-object

"The URL for the page where the buyer landed when they entered the shop."



GraphQL customerJourneySummary > lastVisit > landingPage

lastVisit:  "The last session before an order is made."

landingPage: "URL of the first page the customer landed on for the session."


Sometimes they're completely different, sometimes they kinda match, haven't found a particular rhyme or reason.


I'm trying to properly attribute affiliate referrals.  It seems like the REST landing_site, which is included on Orders webhook, is the more accurate.  But GraphQL usually represents the direction Shopify is headed, and customerJourneySummary has a lot of info, so I'm trying to future proof myself...


Anyone know why they're different and what they actually represent?



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Hi Davekeql,


Were you able to find a solution? What was your final approach based on your experience?