Why doesn't GraphQL discount API support price rules?

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We're currently using the GraphQL API's discountCodeBasicCreate to create unique discount codes per customer. However, because this creates a completely new discount code for each customer, some merchants have complained that it clutters their discounts page. 


The REST API has PriceRule and DiscountCode resources, which allow you to create multiple discount codes under one price rule. However, we're unable to use the REST API because it doesn't support a usage limit, and we want to ensure that the discount codes we generate can only be used once. The `once_per_customer` field isn't sufficient because it would still be possible for someone to share a discount code with another customer.


So there are two possible solutions here:

1. We can group discount codes under one price rule with the GraphQL API. Why doesn't the GraphQL API support this if the REST API does?

2. We can add a usage limit to a PriceRule with the REST API.


Are either of these somehow supported? If not, can Shopify prioritize supporting (1)?

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