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my private information was not accepted

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my private information was not accepted


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Hello @ayman-ousbih ,


Welcome to the community forum ! 


I noticed that you post your message on the french community forum, so I'm answering to you in English but I also wanted to know that I can switch to French if you prefer. 


In order for me to help you, I'll need more information about the problem you're facing with your private information. If you don't mind, it will help me if you could provide more information and answer the questions below : 


  • Where you've been asked to enter your private information (settings, activation of a payment gateway etc) ? 
  • Was there a specific error message showing up when trying to enter your private information or does your private information be rejected after verification later on ? 

You can provide screenshots as well but be sure to hide every sensitive information (personal, account related etc). 


I'm waiting for your answer and I'm available for any other question. 


Ethan | Social Care @ Shopify 
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