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Hey sir, I'm SARA I have a question, How long does it take to transfer money from Shopify to a bank in the UK? And What is the minimum amount for money transfer?


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Hey @Rikssta ,


Welcome to the community forum ! 


First, I would just want to let you know that you wrote a post in English while being on the french community part. This is alright, I'll answer you in English but can change in French if necessary. 


Regarding your payout question, I assume you're asking it for Shopify Payments, so the answer is 3 open days (excluding week-ends) after the payment from your customer was made. For example, a payment made on a Friday will be paid around next Tuesday/Wednesday. Also even though the payout will be initiated on our end, it can take 24-72 hours to appear on your bank statement. This information and more can be found on this documentation.


There shouldn't be a minimum amount to transfer the funds to your bank account, you can take a look at this documentation to have a global understanding on how being paid works with Shopify Payments.

If your question was about another payment provider (Stripe, Paypal etc), feel free to come back to me with the name of that provider. Apart from that question, do you have any difficulties using Shopify ? Have you created your store yet ? 


I'm available for any question you may have. 

Ethan | Social Care @ Shopify 
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