Meet your local community manager Julian.

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Kia ora, everyone!


My name is Julian, and I am the Community Manager for Shopify in New Zealand. I am also a small business owner, and I have been for 20+ years. I love the entrepreneurial journey and the fact that I can create something other people want to buy still blows my mind every time I hear that "cha-ching sound on my phone".


I have been using Shopify for my own business since 2012. My role as the Community Manager is about helping small business owners get the most they can out of our platform. For me, a typical day is meeting with fellow business owners, facilitating and hosting educational webinars and workshops. I have a style of facilitation that can only really be called “positively blunt.” I am known for sharing real-world, tangible, proven techniques, systems and roadmaps that business owners can take away and utilise on their businesses. I have deep empathy for the juggling act you are undertaking as I am in there with you being a business owner.


When I started my Shopify journey, it would have been amazing having someone like me to lean on. So without sounding corny, lean on me, especially in this group.

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No Aussie group.  Can I be an honorary Kiwi? (I'd live in Nelson if I could).