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Hello Growth Lab!


I need to increase my store conversion rate from an average 0.25% to at least 2.5%.  Does anyone here have any knowledge or resources on where to start?  Thanks in advance!


Robyn Maul  -

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Hey Robyn! Conversion Rate Optimization is a biggie!! The first thing I would suggest is being sure to have a realistic expectation of a conversion rate goal.  In some nices 2.5% may be incredibly difficult as the average for that nice may be only .75% etc.. Once you have that, then you can start focusing on UX, copy etc.. This blog gives some pretty good starting points: Also keep in mind, that conversion rates are only a metric and not the end all be all. It is quite possible to have a profitable business with a low conversion rate, especially in the case of selling high end or luxury goods, where there may be a ton of profit in one sale, but sales may be fewer and farther apart.  

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Thanks for the reply and the blog link.  My average cart value is $120 so I do think that my conversion rate could stand to be higher.  I will look into the split testing option the blog mentioned and see if I can make a few little changes to help conversion.  

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Increasing AOV is the key to higher conversions, I mean High AOV == Large margins == Bigger Marketing Budget == Better conversion and sales. Get it? Product Bundles have been a stable and consistant strategy to increase AOV. We have created a modern clean way to implement Bundling Strategy in your store. Our app acts like a tool as well as community where merchants from all over the world share and get inspired from winner bundling strategies across industries. Feel Free to check out Profit Bundles  . Cheers!!

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In my opinion, most templates are pretty good from a UX perspective and getting customers through checkout, we're talking very small increases here. Start by looking at the traffic source and how your generating the leads, is the expectation and experience on site matching the ad. Social traffic is going to convert at a lower percentage than Google Shopping. For me, the biggest conversions factors are price, product imagery and trust.