about starting my online store

about starting my online store

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i want to start my bussiness on the shopify on a big level so help me to guide how to work and set up  my all function in shopify please drop me mail and how can i start my work on shopify from proper way 


this is link please help mehttps://admin.shopify.com/store/e5c176-44/access_account

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Hi @dineshkumardine 

Thank you for your question. However, the link you mentioned requires access permissions restricted to staff accounts designated by you. It's important to be cautious about granting access to unfamiliar individuals.

Alternatively, you can refer to this guide which provides step-by-step instructions for launching an ecommerce store powered by Shopify: https://themeisle.com/blog/shopify-tutorial/

Hope you can grow your store successfully 😊

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Shopify blog has many articles and guides for beginners, I think you should take some time to read them carefully. You can also use the search function to look for related posts in the discussion. Once you start, the community and staff will be here to answer any questions. After you do the initial research, you'll see it's not too complicated. Good luck!