Are there any automated apps for dropshipping that charge the customer directly?

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I have tried over and over again creating shopify stores over the years and I always end up shutting the site down because of one major thing. That is money. My question is this? Is there an app that is fully automated to where they charge the customer and not the account holder? I do not have money to pay for all these orders upfront just to wait months for shopify to reimburse me.


My site is and once again I am on the verge of cancelling my membership after a year of this. I have tried oberlo and they take too long to deliver. I am aware of apps that can import amazon items. I am aware of ali express and ali baba, but my question remains the same is there a dropshipping app with products that can be delivered quickly, as quick as amazon and charge the customer and not me?


Also does anyone want to partner with me on this christian website??

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What is the supplier app are you using?