Re: Bill 146966 pkr i don't use the Shopify

Bill 146966 pkr i don't use the Shopify

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My meezan bank account pakistan cute his bill Shopify I don't use the Shopify

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If you haven't used Shopify but are seeing charges on your Meezan Bank account, contact Shopify support immediately to report unauthorized charges. You should also reach out to your bank to dispute the charges and ensure your account is secure.

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Hi @Fahadrazzaq !


This might be due to your account not deactivated properly. If you can still open your account, try to re-log in and deactivate it by going to >settings >plan >deactivate account. Otherwise, since this is an account and billing issue, you will need to reach out to Shopify support team so they can help you with your account deactivation and investigate where the bill is coming from. You can reach out to them by going through their Shopify Help Center and enter your concern on AI chat box, respond to it until the "I still need help" or "chat with a support advisor" option appear.

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