Can a UK-based dropshipping store successfully sell in the US?

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Hi I am Faisal Akbar and my client want to open a dropshipping store on his LTD details, and his PayPal and bank accounts are also on UK details while the company he wants to work with shops only within US. Will it be a problem, because he want to sell in UK as well as in US. 

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HI @Faisal22 ,



There won't be any issue concerning that! But to guarantee that your client's store can sell items in both the United States and the United Kingdom, they must configure their store to accept transactions in both currencies as well. And they must also guarantee that all tax and regulatory obligations for selling in both countries are met.


Because their PayPal and bank accounts are in UK names, and the firm they wish to partner with only ships within the United States, there may be some practical issues. To circumvent currency conversion complications or shipping restrictions, they may need to open different accounts for transactions in each nation.


I would advise you to refer to this helpful tips from @Nick In his past contribution HERE

And Shopify also has some helpful tips & guide's on this which you can see HERE


I hope this helps.