Can a UK resident use a US address for a dropshipping store?

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Hello all,


I am in the process of setting up my dropshipping store targeting the USA market. As a UK resident with a company based in Wyoming, I have some questions regarding the valid addresses I can provide to comply with Google Merchant Center policies.

  1. Can I use my UK residential address as the business address for my dropshipping store targeting the USA market, considering that my company is registered in Wyoming?

  2. If a UK residential address is not acceptable, what alternatives do you recommend for meeting the address requirements of Google Merchant Center?

  3. I have the option of changing my US Principal Office Address and Mailing Address to the UK, would this help mitigate the risk of suspension given that I have no physical presence in the USA.


Can anyone please advise.



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You will most likely get suspended. Google expects a business to be located where the employees operate.


Setting up a virtual LLC in the US, will not work.


If you are a UK resident, setup your business in the UK at the address where you are located, meaning sitting in front of the computer.



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Hi Emmanuel,


Thanks for the advice.


I already have a UK dropshipping store via a UK LTD (UK residentila address in merchant centre)


I want to create a new USA dropshipping store via a UK LTD. 


Am I allowed to create a brand new merchant centre account at the same address as my previous business (my residential address)?