Can I dropship items from Shopee Philippines to the rest of the world?

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Hi, I would like to know if I can dropship items from shopee philipines to rest of the world( I have a friend that lives in the philipines and has product posted on shopee and Lozada but is restricted to selling only in the philipines) I have a basic shopify plan and also have a LLC resellers license and tax permit located in Missouri for reselling online or in a storefront. I ALSO DROPSHIP ITEM FROM CJ DROPSHIPPING AND SPOCKET TO REST OF WORLD MARKET. I HAVE MY PRODUCT POSTED ON instagram and  INSTAGRAM, and facebook, ) 

How can I sell her product from philipines. Can I dropship her items from shopee philipines and Lozada from my shopify store here in the US, or is there a way to purchase items from her and have them shipped to me with an app or shipping label to make it cheaper for shipping, I've heard of freight forwarding but I don't know how it works and would I need a special permit or vat number how do I get one of those. Because the freight forwarding talked about having a p. O. Box in the UK to have items shipped to my address in UK WICH I DONT HAVE THEN HAVE THEM SHIPPED TO MY HOME ADDRESS TO UNITED STATES. THERE IS SO MUCH TO CONSIDER BUT THATS WHY I NEED THE WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE TO DO EVERYTHING CORRECTLY





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Dropship from PH is the same logic for you to dropship via CJ or spocket, your friends will help you fulfill orders directly from PH, thus all you need to do is to inquire the total cost and interface to connect your shopify with her ERP connected to Shopee. Professional Chinese dropshipping agent