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Can I integrate drop shipping without affecting my existing online store?

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I am contemplating adding some drop shipping items to my store.  Wondering if it will be a nightmare to have things that I send myself to the customer and then other items on my site that would ship direct to the customer (bypassing me)?  I do not want the drop shipping to affect how I have any other items set up on my site, or the normal shipping charges that i have.


This is really sort of a foreign area for me - but if I do this, I of course will make it very clear that specific items will be shipped separately.  Is this something I can do without having to deal with any special coding, etc.  Is there anyone else who does both (ship themselves and dropship)?  My store is online only.  Any insight, tips, suggestions, etc. is very appreciated.

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I suggest you make this clear in your Shipping Policy or Terms Of Service page.


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Hello @Allyoucanbe 


Use this USA supplier app.